Hidden Loch side cottage with a washed out interior with hints of gorse and burnt orange.


Take the field track through the galvanised gates for a while or so, until in the woodland glade with shimmering glimpses of the Loch stands this hidden hideaway. Perfect for hermits or those needing to reconnect this stone cottage exudes character at every turn.

With just a dash of Scotland in it’s washed out interior this last surviving building in the ancient settlement of Ross will soon revive all those who stay - after a peaceful night of slumber in the cosy loft bedrooms, adventures will abound on the Loch and beach or maybe in the distant mountains.
Take a cruise or hire a kayak and have a day of fun and new beginnings - and return to the rustic hideaway for comfort and peace or a vegan Haggis in the grey and wood plank kitchen.

At the foot of the garden the West Highland Way will entice you to pastures new or maybe at least just a wee dram in the far off hostelries.